Summer Camp Activity Plays Large Role In Attendance

One of the largest deciding factors in selecting a summer camp is that of the summer camp activity that children will be exposed to during their time away from home. Swimming is a very popular summer camp activity and is likely to be explored if the camp is near a lake. Depending on the location, sailing and canoeing may be another popular summer camp activity that children can enjoy under the close supervision of camp counselors. These experienced individuals will be responsible for coordinating, and ensuring the safety of, every summer camp activity during the entire duration of the child’s stay.

By: Phalinn Ooi

For children who cannot swim, hiking is fun-filled summer camp activity that allows children to explore and enjoy nature at its finest. Hiking trails, small streams and the beauty of the undisturbed wilderness is a sight that every child will enjoy and may even snap a few photos to remember their favorite summer camp activity. A disposable camera is one of the best ways that children can capture special moments with new friends, a popular summer camp activity that they always want to remember or to send home to their family.

Every child enjoys some type of sport whether it is volleyball, football, basketball or table tennis. Much to their liking, sports is a very popular summer camp activity that all children can participate in. This is a popular summer camp activity, in part, because it shows children how to work together as a team and brings them closer together as they strive for a common goal. Sports are also an important part of physical activity, which will help children to remain active and will promote physical fitness.

Not every summer camp activity is one that requires a lot of physical strength, however, as children will often be invited to participate in arts and crafts. This is a popular summer camp activity because it explores the creativity of each child and allows them to showcase their talent by creating something that is completely unique and may serve as a constant reminder as their time enjoying a favorite summer camp activity.

Weather permitting; another popular summer camp activity is to have a cookout. Grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and roasting marshmallows are a terrific way for children to explore the world of cooking. Under the close supervision and participation of qualified camp counselors, everyone will enjoy a nice cookout under the sun.