Great Indoor Toddler Activities For Winter Months

When the temperatures drop, parents tend to go through a long list of things to try to give their little ones something to do inside that is fun and stimulating instead of just propping them in front of the television. For toddlers, you may have a series of toys, play mats, and a number of items that they like to play with. However, you need to try to find the best and most interesting activities to keep them entertained on long winter days so that time will pass quickly. In the best possible scenario, you will end up with activities that are not only exciting for them, but also enriching for their mind. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

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There are not many toddlers that do not absolutely love playing with play dough. The wonderful thing about play dough is that you can buy it at a reasonable price in the store and it is non-toxic, or you can even make your own at home. Children love to be able to work the play dough with their hands and are inspired once they learn how to use a variety of tools to make different shapes. A great tip is taking out some of your plastic cookie cutter shapes and teaching them how they can flatten out the dough and then cut out their own shapes to play with.

Coordination is something that many toddlers are still working with and picking out great activities helping them to build upon their movement and balancing skills will be very beneficial. Having fun playing with balls is a nice way for them to be able to move around inside to get exercise while also learning how to roll a ball and/or catch one. By simply standing back from your child five feet or so, you can slowly roll the ball towards him or her, asking them to catch it and then send it back to you easily. This is a type of game that they enjoy to play, especially when you can add in some silly sounds and faces.

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If you are going to be in the kitchen at all, think about showing your toddler some of the food items or spices that you use regularly. Kids love to be involved in as many things as their parents will allow and this is a nice way to integrate them. Letting your toddler smell certain spices and trying to teach them the names of them is a great way to have them understand a little bit about what goes on in the kitchen. Certain ingredients such as cinnamon, maple syrup, mustard, celery seeds, oregano and even a little bit of pepper are all great for learning experiences as long as you are right there with them as they smell each one carefully.

The more that you look around your home and understand the types of indoor activities that your toddler seems to enjoy, you are going to find that there are plenty of things that you can have them experience and learn through playing even when the winter weather temperatures drop outside.