How To Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

“Ho ho ho ho, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” As this holiday season approaches, many of us are preparing for big celebrations and parties. Food, snacks, wine, beverages… there is no better time of the year to fill yourself to your heart’s desire! Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

By: Janet McKnight

However, if you are a health-conscious type of person, then this article will reveal some tips for staying healthy this holiday season (while everyone else around you gains 5 pounds!).

Below are 5 tips for keeping yourself healthy this holiday season:

1. Eat Snacks Moderately – Let’s face it, snacks are abundant during the holidays seasons (as if they aren’t already throughout the year). If you take a seat within an arm’s reach of the snack table, you’re going to have a tough time keeping yourself from unconsciously grabbing handfuls of party mix, candies, and the like and picking at them all day. By sitting on the other side of the room, getting to the snacks involves a conscious effort into getting up and walking over to get at the snacks.

2. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! – There is no better thing to do during this festive season than to exercise! If the weather permits it, go out and take a quick walk around the house or block. If your celebration is taking place in a colder climate, you’ll be more inspired to quicken your pace and burn a few extra calories in the process. If the weather is bad, do 10-20 squats, stretches, or other brief exercise each time you go to the restroom. You only want to do just enough to elevate your heart rate, but not break out into a sweat. Chances are, no one will know what …

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Keep Your Swimming Pool’s Water Clean

The most important and necessary part of your swimming pool maintenance is, cleaning your swimming pool’s water clean. However, most of you guys feel the task as the biggest headache in maintaining a swimming pool. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

It’s not so! Your swimming pool water needs to very clean. Your swimming pool with clean water will always be an inviting place for you and importantly, it’ll keep you away from a number of diseases and infections. It’s not at all a headache rather an easy ‘n’ enjoyable task, if you really love your swimming pool. You just need to keep care of certain things.

By: Tim Pierce

You should be well aware of pollutant or contaminants that generally pollute your swimming pool’s water. Your swimming pool’s water generally gets polluted by environmental pollutants, such as dust, leaves, chemical wastes, pollen, spores, bacteria, etc. Your sweat, body oils, and body fluids also pollute your swimming pool’s water. However, you can check these pollutants from getting into your swimming pool’s water and you can even get these pollutants out of your pool water.

Your swimming pool has a circulation pump and filter. Your pool pump makes your pool water move through your pool filter every day, thus it helps to remove unwanted pollutants and disinfected organic materials from your pool water.

What you need to do is, to check that your swimming pool is equipped with a good quality pump and filter. You should also keep regularly checking that your swimming pool pump and filter are working well. In case you notice any problem, you should get it fixed by a professional.

Sand filters are the most common filter used in swimming pools these days. These …

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Homeowner’s Insurance Can Be Made Easy By Following These Great Tips

By: jiwasz

Disaster can strike anywhere, at any time. That is why it is so important that your home is insured. You never know when something could happen to it, so you want to be prepared should anything occur. In the following article, you are going to be given advice that will help you to be ready. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

Place a card with the price of the item and date that you purchased it next to the item you’re photographing or videotaping for your homeowner’s insurance. If you have a copy of the receipt, that is an excellent help to a claim. So keep those receipts with the video for safe keeping.

Although it may require a lot of effort, go down to the local library and research flood plains in your area. If you are designated in a flood plain, but can prove that your house did not flood in the last event, you may be able to change your designation and save hundreds of dollars a year.

Make sure that you are aware of any changes to your policy following a life-changing event. After it happens, be sure to inform your agent. This includes marriage divorce, adult children moving out or back in, etc. The amount of insurance you will need and everything that you want covered will vary throughout the years. Make sure to keep your policies and inventory up to date.

To make sure you’re protected in the case of a disaster, purchase guaranteed replacement value insurance. This ensures that items lost in a disaster will be replaced at their current market value, no matter how much they cost. This is especially important for homes, as the cost of building typically rises over time.

You …

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“Correct Your Acid / Alkaline Balance with the Water You Drink: What the Experts Say”

By: SQFP info

In health circles there has been much recent talk about acid /alkaline imbalance. Let’s see if we can clarify how experts recommend we correct this imbalance. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

The problem
Your body functions best when neither too acid nor too alkaline. Unfortunately almost all of us have become acidic due to diet, drinks and stress — both psychological and from pollution. Acids can build up in our body, causing systems to be out of balance.

The effects
According to Dr. Stefan Kuprowsky, “Acid wastes build up in the body in the form of cholesterol, gallstones, kidney stones, arterial plaque, urates, phosphates and sulfates. These acidic waste products are the direct cause of premature aging and the onset of chronic disease.”

When this occurs, the body will restore its optimal pH by depleting certain minerals, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, from organs and bones. In addition, your immune system may become fatigued from dealing with an excess of acid. Your body then stores acidic wastes in ‘hiding places’ such as muscles etc. rather than releasing the acids into the bloodstream.

As Dr.Robert Atkins, the well-known author, health and diet expert, notes: “Just about every condition I can think of, from arthritis to diabetes to cancer, is associated with acidity.”

“The countless names of illnesses do not really matter. What does matter is that they all come from the same root cause…too much tissue acid waste in the body!” Theodore A. Baroody, ND, Ph.D.

What can be done?
A vast body of research reveals that you can help neutralize acid build-up in the blood and maintain a balanced pH, by taking some simple steps, such as:
— Exercise
— Avoiding highly acid-forming food and drink
— Drinking …

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When To Use An Ultraviolet System To Purify Your Drinking Water

Ultraviolet (UV) light water filtration and purification has been used for well over one hundred years to make drinking water safe. Today it is used by some of the largest cities in the world to purify their municipal drinking water supplies. These cities include New York, Rotterdam, Seattle, and many others in Europe, Asia, and North America. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

For the past few decades much smaller UV systems have been available in North America for residential applications. These systems are made by such manufacturers as Trojan Technologies, Sterilight (R-Can), UV Pure, and Atlantic UV. Thousands of these systems have been sold and installed in homes, summer homes, cottages, and in many other public spaces such as campgrounds, community centers and churches. For the property owner contemplating a water treatment system the question arises: why would I want to use a UV system at all?

As with all water purification devices, the decision to buy any product should be based on how that product will impact water quality. That is, decide what you need to fix in your water, and then start looking for a product that will solve your problem. Not all water filtration or purification devices are created equal. Some products are designed to remove sediment, while some products will remove chemicals from the water. Other devices are designed to remove biological contamination. In the case of a UV system it is the latter. Anybody who is concerned about possible or proven microbiological contamination in their drinking water should consider a UV system. Do not look to UV to remove any chemicals from water nor to improve the taste and odor of the water. It simply isn’t designed for either.

It is typically rural-living individuals who …

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How to Get More Fresh Air in The House

Pollution can be a serious issue for people who suffer from respiratory conditions. Dust, dirt, mold, pollen and stale air can be incredibly problematic for asthmatics and people with conditions such as COPD. Simply letting some fresh air into your home is often all it takes to reduce the symptoms of your condition dramatically – although you will still need to take other measures to manage the condition fully. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

Ventilation and Fresh Air

The most important thing is to keep your home well ventilated. Simple fans will not be enough because all they do is circulate the air that is already in the room. What you really want to do is let fresh air in. If you are lucky enough to live in a rural area, where the air quality is good, then getting into the habit of opening your windows is a great starting point.

However, not everyone can count on the idea of just opening a window. If you have allergies and live in an area with a high pollen count then you will not want to let too much outside air in, unfiltered, and if you live near a motorway the combination of noise and air pollution would be unpleasant too.

By: jenspie3

For most people, a proper air-conditioning system is a must. This is particularly important if you have a house that has double glazing, draught excluders and insulation. Many homes are almost hermetically sealed these days, and this makes them a nightmare in terms of condensation and stale air.

For the best results, you should invest in an air conditioning system that filters the air it takes in from the outside, bringing it to a temperature that is close to the ambient temperature …

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Choosing The Right Water Filter For Your Home

Do you currently reside in a home that has a questionable water supply. You may have plenty of water flowing in, but whether or not it is safe to drink, or even bathe in, it’s something that many people contemplate. If it does not look bad, that does not mean that there are not contaminants, even bacteria and viruses, that could lead to health issues. That’s why it is always a good idea to look for a water filtration system that you can install so that your family can have access to clean your find water. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

By: Richard Smith

Different Types Of Water Filter Systems

The first and most prominent type of system for filtering your water is always going to be activated carbon filters. These are popular because people are able to purchase them for an affordable cost, and they do a great job of not only removing larger particulate matter such as silt or sediment, but they can also absorb the odors that are common with water that is contaminated. Reverse osmosis is another way of filtering your water to make sure that it is purified and odor free. If your primary concern is softening your water, alkaline water ionizers are the way to go. Ultraviolet light filters can also be used, primarily utilized by people that are interested in destroying potential bacteria that may be floating around in the water. And finally, another way to get rid of hard water is to use infrared filters that can soften it up quite easily.

Which One Should You Choose?

The one that you choose will probably be limited to what is available in your city or town. You can order them over the Internet, getting you quite …

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Tips For Dealing With Problems Related To Water Filter

Water filters are important in the modern age, but that does not mean they are not going to come with a range of problems. It is critical to know how to deal with these problems before they start to have an impact on the quality of the water that is being consumed in your home. Here is a look at a few tips that should go a long way in making sure your filtration system is working as it should for as long as you want it to work. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

Checks Are Required

The worst issues tend to show up at homes where the system is not being checked on a regular basis. This is where the problems are allowed to fester for longer and longer until the system either stops working or more issues arise and something has to be done immediately.

Instead of forcing your hand like this, why not make sure the checks are being done regularly and get ahead of any problems that may come up?

Doing this can also ensure the problems that would have popped up are well taken care of rather than letting them settle.

Make Changes Immediately

Whenever you have spotted there is a problem with the system, you have to ensure it is being taken care of. If you let it sit, you are going to be asking for trouble as the system is going to get worse over time.

It is essential to not waste time and make sure it is being corrected and or replaced as soon as possible. This is the only way to act when the water filter is not working as it should.

Make sure to first assess the problem and then seek out the …

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Water Pumps – All You Want To Know

Water pumps are instruments, which help in movement of water from low pressure to high-pressure area. The movement could be due to pressure or suction. Check out the list we’ve compiled for you below from

Broader Categories
There are two broader categories, which provide the basis of classification. First is the positive displacement type. Here, the fluid moves from a section of reduced volume to the increased one. This ensures a regular flow in spite of the changes in pressure. However it contains a release valve to prevent severe fluctuation. The other is the dynamic one. Here, the movement of fluid relies upon its own momentum. The Dynamic water pumps can be divided into 2 parts depending upon the motion of the fluid.

By: Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York

Rotary Motion- Centrifugal Pump
This type of water pumps has a component called Impeller, which drives the fluid and converts its energy into pressure. The water is stored in a Pump Casing. It is essential to avoid leakage of fluid by using labyrinth seals, mechanical seals or gasket. The motor provides current for the pump to run. It is necessary to use oil to avoid friction and maintain the flow. The actual movement is caused due to the rotation of the fluid therein.

Linear Motion-Jet Pump
The jet water pumps are the most common example of the linear motion of the fluid. These do not possess any moving parts that drive the water inside it. These are also called Eductors or air ejectors. Such pumps works on the principle of creating low pressure. The movement completely relies on the changes in the fluid. But there efficiency decreases with increase in pressure. Hence, instead of pumping water they are commonly …

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Can Fast Food Be Healthy?

It is possible for people to make healthy food choices even if they only have a short time in which to prepare their meals. The first thing to realize is that it is often that healthy choices do not always mean a need for two-hour meals. A person can choose healthy foods that are quick and easy to prepare at home or to pickup from a takeout place. Cities often provide restaurant guides in their telephone books that display full-page menus indicating what a particular restaurant or drive-thru offers. Many of these food vendors now include healthy alternatives to their usual fast-food selection.

By: pedist

At places like McDonald’s and Hardee’s, it is possible to find consumers who are concerned about their carbohydrate consumption. This has prompted the restaurants to provide other options in their hamburger choices. Hamburgers can be ordered without the bun, for example, and fruit and yogurt are included on the menu along with fresh salads. Many restaurants provide salad choices either as side orders or as complete meals. Often, a salad of fresh vegetables with chopped ham, roast beef or chicken is more attractive than regular menu items. Salads are especially appealing in the summer months because they are lighter on the digestive system.

By: Zaskoda

Restaurants that feature foods in season cultivated by local farmers offer very healthy and affordable choices. Some of these kinds of restaurants will create their own recipes for healthy food options. This provides the consumer with a totally new choice and encourages them to visit the restaurant again.

If home preparation of food is preferred, the options for healthy choices increase. Visiting a local grocery store or supermarket emphasizes the number of healthy choices that are available. Fresh fruits and vegetables are more varied than ever before …

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