Single Parenting, A New type of family

A family is said to be the foundation of the society. When you say a family, it must have a father, mother and their children.

How About Single Parenting? In this modern age, single parenting is now acceptable in our society. Single parenting is the term we used for a person building a family or raising a child without marriage or without the present of husband or wife.

Anyone can be a single parent depending upon the relationship you established with your partner. Single parenting is sometimes caused by divorce. Single parents are very common to western countries where divorce is legal. If the court finds the marriage unsuitable and no hope for reconciliation between the couple, the court has no choice but to grant the divorce.

Single parenting can be also caused by the death of the partner. They said that life is too short and no one knows your death. Single parents who are widow usually had a hard time of accepting their faith. Single parenting caused by death underwent to some stages like anger, denial, depression, bargaining, and the last is acceptance. These stages are also common to divorce single parents.

Single parenting caused by adoption of a child are widely accepted these days. Most single man and women believed that singleness are their destiny but most them are only caused by their pursued career and disregard the idea of being married and having their own children until they reach maturity and become a good provider. Single men and woman opt to adopt to feel more complete.

Single parents who have adopted usually feel that their life is incomplete without a child and only realizes the needs of it when they already feel the loneliness of being alone and money cannot fill-up their desire to have …

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